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Exterior Design
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Architectural Drawing Review


The value of a successful hospitality interior cannot be overstated. The power of the often-illusive ‘ambience’ can make or break a business, but creating ambience is more than tea-lights and a good play list. Engaging an interior designer is as key to your success as engaging a chef to write your menu. 

Establishing a project brief for your new café, restaurant or office interior is the first step in understanding your aspirations and functional requirements for your new venture. This all-important document will enable us to prioritize the elements that are key to a successful design.

Once engaged, we will require your brief in order to prepare a scope of works and fee proposal for you. we will develop your initial brief into a much more detailed checklist of functional and aspirational parameters (return-brief), assisting you to think through the finer details that may not immediately come to mind.

When writing your brief, try to include even the most obvious elements; this will help you paint an accurate picture of what you want to achieve and assist you to set a realistic budget. Most importantly, give us your true budget (not your ‘hoped’ budget). It is important to state your budget to us in writing (not as a vague dollar range), so that we know exactly what we are designing to, and where to concentrate our hours.


We apply Universal Design concepts and principles to commercial spaces to serve better diverse group of people to enjoy and function without stigmatizing.


Space Planning - Construction Drawings - Decoration - Colour Consultation- Colour Cast Consultation (Exterior)

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Full Design Process
  • Discovery Call
  • Consultation (Virtual / On-Site) 
  • Initial Briefing (Virtual / In-Person) 
  • Schematic Design & Concept Development
  • Return Brief (Virtual / In-Person)
  •  Design Development & Documentation
  • Specifications & Purchasing
  • Construction Support & Installation Management
  • Styling
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