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About the Studio


The studio officially launched in 2019 right after Nelly got her diploma in Interior Design. She has been working in this field unofficially since 2006 where she gained valuable working experience on projects.


Years of industry experience have informed our unique approach to interiors. 

Incorporating client's style with Nelly's approach to Modern European Design works seamlessly, since this design approach includes plenty of interior touches such as beautiful moldings, woodwork, cathedral ceilings with beautiful exposed beams and old-world details. 

Design may sway from Contemporary, Transitional to Farm house or French Country styles with some elements of old-world which creates a timeless quality to the design, where it almost feels like the space could exist in the past, present, or future.


 The studio is focusing on eco friendly and unique design solutions for residences which creates a sense of calm, pleasantry and comfort. When it comes to commercial spaces such as boutique hotels, restaurants, cafes or offices focus is on creating sense of belonging, enjoyment and comfort.


Hendel Homes , LandMark Photograpy_edited_edited.jpg
Living Room -European Design

Graduate member of the Design Institute of Australia



Nelly holds dual degrees in Clinical Psychology and Interior Design, a unique background that translates seamlessly into her daily role as she manages projects and her firm with creativity, professionalism, and authenticity.

Now by being armed with both disciplines, she continue helping her  clients better by understanding their needs and guiding them towards their desired goals by utilizing science, innovations, and applying sustainable- universal design approaches.

"Well designed interiors improve people's lifestyle and well-being by combining comfort, efficiency, and aesthetically pleasing features."

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