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Esra Ozer

"I had no idea my home office could be decorated so stylishly"

I reached out to Cella Design after realizing that I'd be spending the majority of my time in my home office because of the covid lockdown. I desperately needed a new design, but didn't want to spend a whole lot of time and money finding new furniture. Thankfully, Nelly's eye for design found amazing ways to combine my existing items to craft a whole new look. The way the colors work together is so refreshing and elegant. Thank you Cella Design for helping me keep my enthusiasm during these challenging times!

Melani Koca

"Fulfilled and gone beyond our expectations"

We are very satisfied with the design of our new art studio! Nelly is a very talented interior designer. She is hard-working and very dedicated. She has fulfilled and even gone beyond our expectations. Thank you Nelly for sharing your time and expertise! We will definitely contact you again on our next project!

Delmy Rodriguez

"This is what an environmentally conscious basement renovation looks like"

We wanted to have a full basement suit for our guests to enjoy. We had limited budget but was not sure where to save money or how to use wisely. Nelly gave us options to save money and ways to save environment from finishes to repurposing existing furniture while staying in our budget. She went beyond our expectations by understanding our needs and desires. Her team was very professional and were able to meet our and her high standards. Overall it was a great experience and pleasure to work with Cella Design.  

Nicole C.

Condo Styling-North york

Nelly was great when we needed help furnishing and designing our condo. She paid attention to all details and ensured we got great deals from variety of suppliers. We were able to understand her vision easily with her 2D and 3D concept drawings. this made it a breeze for us to commit to the design and furnishings. We highly recommend Nelly and Cella Design.

S. Zang

"My wishes and her vision gave me an oasis to enjoy years to come"

I knew it would be a challenge getting everything I want for a master bedroom with my budget. I had difficulty with putting the style and colors together. Nelly listened to me and helped me to clarify our needs and desires. With her vision and guidance we were able to get everything we want and stayed in our budget. It was a very nice experience working with her. I have learned a lot. 

D. Walden

"Understood why space planning is so important"

Nelly has shown her  dedication to her job and to her client during our E-Design bathroom project. With her guidancedrawings and renderings we were able to get the idea how our bathroom would look like, before we started renovation. We understood how much space was wasted and could be used more efficiently. We got everything we wanted and more within our budget, thanks to her suppliers. She exceeded our expectations. Thank you Nelly!

M. Gurel

Home Improvement for Profit-Thornhill

We worked with Cella Design prior putting our house on the market in 2020. Nelly was very helpful in every step of our facelift and her team worked tirelessly to finish the work before the dateline. I highly recommend Cella Design.

Murat Kaya

Custom Build House-York

We have hired Cella Design and Pioner Paint for interior design project of our custom built house. The workmanship and recommended design were impressive- we were very please with their service. Nelly was very easy to work with and she highlighted pros and cons from start to end, transition on each steps from design to execution were flawless . we can not thank enough for the incredible work they have performed. We would strongly recommend their services.
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